Why Content is Still King.

23 years ago, the first website was created.  This bare-bones site created by Tim Berners-Lee was designed to explain the World Wide Web to newcomers.  Now, only 20 years later, nearly half the world’s population is searching for information online.  Whether they’re looking for the latest trends, news, cute cat videos, or local business, people are hunting for quality information that is important to them.


So, why is it a surprise that good content is important to your website?


An astonishing 59% of marketing and ad executives don’t believe their talent has what it takes to be very successful in content marketing. They either don’t have the time, capabilities, or focus to create quality content that appeals to everyone.  Good content is your key to success in digital marketing.  It is, ultimately, what connects you with your customers and prospects. Compelling content builds trust, confidence, and sustains long-lasting relationships that makes your company unique and worth coming back to.

87% of customers say online content has a major impact on their purchase

 Providing valuable content shows people that you know what you are talking about.  It’s easy to have a website, add a few pictures and slab on some words about your services or product.  When you take the time to write quality content that matters to your customers, they notice.  The deeper your commitment to them, the deeper their commitment to you.

Quality content creates value to the human eye as well as search engines.  Attracting links to your site will provide you with more visitors, so more people will sell your products and services (hey, free sales team!) and give you higher rankings in search engines.  The more compelling content search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing see come from your site, the more reputable your company becomes (see the relationship here?).  If you provide good content and make it easy to share via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), your reach can increase from 5 to 5,000 in minutes.

Search engines use links to your site as a voting system when deciding the order of search engine results.  When you have high quality content on your site and include reputable, high ranking links, search engines will reward you.

54% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on content marketing in 2014  

content-marketing-trends-2014The most valuable content is non-commercial (i.e. non-salesy) articles related to your products and services.

For instance, if you are selling cars, you could write an article about car safety tips or preparing your car for the winter and summer seasons.  If you are an attorney, you could write an article on current legal news or how law has changed in your state.  Make your content appeal to your customer’s interest.  Take your time and think about who they are, where they are, and what they want.

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